School of Engineering

The School of Engineering of the University of the Aegean is part of a wider strategic plan for the University in the Archipelagos and consists of the Engineering Departments of the University of the Aegean, which have been operating for almost twenty years and include:

  • Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (located in Samos).
  • Department of Financial and Management Engineering (located in Chios).
  • Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (located in Syros).

The School of Engineering aims to provide a modern high-tech educational and research environment in innovative areas such as Information Technology and Communications, Product and Systems Design, Management Engineering and Financial Engineering, which can contribute to the social and economic development at national and international level. The primary objective of the School is to educate and train specialized engineers with a strong interdisciplinary knowledge base and to conduct research on excellence in an impressive range of innovative scientific fields.

The mission of the School is to educate tomorrow's technology leaders and to seek scientific and technological solutions within the research and development activities of its professors and students. Graduates of the School have significantly high employment rates in subjects related to their studies.

The Dean of the School is Asociate Professor Petros Kavassalis.


Partnerships and collaborations

The School of Engineering is an Academic Partner of Visual Paradigm.

Visual Paradigm offers University of the Aegean / School of Engineering UML editor, ERD and BPMN software for educational use through their Academic Partner Program.