Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering

The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (est. 2000) is one of the constituent departments of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Aegean, and is based on Syros island, the seat of the Faculty.

Lab SyrosIt is the only department of Product & Systems Design Engineering in Greece and collaborates with many well-known Design Schools in Europe, demonstrating significant national and international activity.

The Department focuses on the integrated/holistic design of modern and emerging products, systems and services following the new approaches in the interdisciplinary field of design, by creatively combining knowledge and methodologies from a wide range of sciences, emphasizing user-centred design and the integral role of the Arts, and on the utilization of new technologies.

The Department seeks to establish a firm position in the Greek and international academic environments, to foster academic learning by ceaselessly incorporating new knowledge in its curriculum and to further develop and improve student care, including accommodation and catering support.

The Department is a key engine for local and regional growth considering:

  • the high level of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies it offers,
  • its highly qualified graduates,
  • the wide spectrum of collaborations and its multifaceted contribution towards upgrading the quality of product and services available at regional, national and international level.

Lab2Graduates of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (Design Engineers) may work individually or in collaboration with other specialists on projects that require creative and integrated/holistic design of physical or digital products, systems and services. Design Engineers are eligible to work in any field within the broader Design realm, both in the private sector as professional design engineers or designers and in the public sector as consultants or designers of products, systems and services addressed to citizens. They may also be engaged in the fields of education and training and/or be involved in academic/industrial research.

To attain its vision, the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering invests in the quality of its academic set up, in conjunction with the professionalism of its scientific and administrative personnel, while building up on innovation, interdisciplinarity and on its social role.