Department of Financial and Management Engineering

The Department of Economics and Management employs advanced quantitative-computational methods to solve complex problems at the interfaces between management, finance and technology.

Michaleio BuildingThe Department of Economics and Management is a five-year Department of Education, founded in 2000. Since its inception, the Department's objective has been to educate and train specialized engineers with a strong interdisciplinary knowledge base able to fully meet their needs Information and service economy.

The needs of such an economy are directly linked to the application of the engineer's quantitative tools and practical skills to complex financial and administrative problems and to the need for problem-solving skills supported by thorough scientific knowledge and familiarity with the laws and practices of technological development .

The quality of the education and research provided is aimed at developing appropriate skills to enable graduates to respond to a competitive working environment and is achieved through the implementation of an innovative curriculum, the main objective of which is to achieve high quality higher education, according to the internationally accepted standards.