Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering

The Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering offers a modern educational and research environment of high-tech education to design, manage and evaluate information and communication systems that can contribute to socio-economic development at national and international level.

The Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering Lab1at the University of the Aegean set up in 1997 as a central objective the creation of highly educated, highly creative and critical scholars capable of exploiting modern Information and Communication Technologies for the design, development and the Information and Communication Systems Administration. The fusion of information and communication technologies in the context of unified systems has given the Department a special character that it maintains and evolves.

In this context, both the Undergraduate Program and the Postgraduate Studies Programs of the Department follow international standards of education, adopting student-centered teaching, evaluation procedures, co-operation between teachers and students, as well as actions to link teaching and learning research with production.

The Department's educational and research activities include a wide range of cognitive subjects such as security, e-government, intelligent systems, networks and communications, innovation and entrepreneurship, information management, hardware and software systems and law in information and communication technologies.